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08 July, 2017

Hello darkness my old friend

I smile, I know what it takes to fool this town
I'll do it 'til the sun goes down
And all through the night time
I'll tell you what you want to hear
Keep my sunglasses on while I shed a tear
It's never the right time

1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
1 2 3, 1 2 3, drink
Throw 'em back till I lose count

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide
It's where my demons hide
Don't get too close
It's dark inside
It's where my demons hide
It's where my demons hide


Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

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  • Miao
  • Drun Osos Bo

14 June, 2016

I'm a German kitchen solutions company!

So, umm… This is awkward… So, backstory time. I was just Googling my online name (for no reason) and the first result that popped out was this. And then of course my YouTube page, SoundCloud profile and all that. But a kitchen company?! At least this is better than being named after a sink (Rubine, if you guys are wondering).

            Anyway, it’s 12:39 AM, haven’t slept yet. I’m working on some stuff and got tired from it so I decided to just play around my laptop, which brought me from viewing the Steam catalogue, to arranging my Steam wish list, to finding the Windows’s Sticky Notes save location, to rearranging my Start Menu tiles (10, not 8), to changing some Blogger stuff, to playing around the advanced settings for my Blog, to searching for my online username, to writing this post. That’s… Too much information… I apologize.

            Anyhow, just an update of my college life. I survived the first semester, with no semester break whatsoever, and now I just gone through the first week of semester 2. Still 3 years with 3 semesters plus 2 semesters for Foundation left. How long is that? [(3 * 3) + 2] semesters. There’s less modules for this semester, so I hope it will be more relaxing than the last, even though it wasn’t that stressful, I mean it’s only Foundation, it’s not supposed to be stressful if you do what you’re supposed to do. For degree level, that’s a different story I’m sure. Of course, I have no experience on this topic, ask the seniors and lecturers. They should know.

            What have I done around my blog? Hmmm… I changed the “About Me” section, and added a link to my Steam wish list on the Pages header. I’ll be a happy Rubin if you gift me any of those J. The ranking really is just arbitrary except for the first few, but overall what I really wish for will be around the top and the bottom is just games I was lazy to rank. Of course, access to my Steam wish list means access to my profile, so if you want to stalk what games I’m playing, feel free. To ease some people’s curiosities, the game which has my longest playtime on record is Skyrim, followed by The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (with the Afterbirth expansion). How did I get so many hours on Skyrim I have no idea, I must have left the game on overnight or something. I don’t know actually.

            So, I think I side-tracked enough from my original project. I should get back to it now, since I have a hard deadline for it. Byeeeeee.

06 May, 2016

Random post I started at 5:07am and ended at 6:15am (Week >1)

5:07 a.m.... Finally finished one of my assignments... Should I sleep? Nah. Those 2 cups of coffee that I drank (What, 6 hours ago?) are still holding strong. What should I do now? Class starts today at 8:30 a.m., I have to catch the shuttle bus as 8:00 a.m., one hour to shower and eat breakfast and everything, that means I have almost 2 whole hours for whatever I want to do. Games? Nah. Social Media? I don't do social media. Post a blog you ignored for who knows how many weeks? I think my answer is pretty obvious here since you ARE looking at this right now.

            I don’t really have a topic now. This is basically free writing now. Just that I don’t have a lecturer correcting my mistakes. So things like asbafbaehvabhabvabkvakgvaf are gonna be okay. How has everyone been? I’m sure probabaly (I’m not gonna correct that.) all the people who used to read my blog (all 5 people?) have forgotten that this blog exists, not to mention my presumably dead YouTube channel. Of course there’s probably also people seeing my blog for the first time and say, “Wait, you write blogs?”. And I’ll probably say, “It’s nothing, just somewhere I write random things about.” Why am I still continuing to post blog posts then? Cause I have a lot of random things to write about. For example, I wrote both these 2 paragraphs with no idea what to write about in 10 minutes. Like I said, random.

            So, what have I been up to these few (few?) weeks? Well, going to lectures and classes. Not really studying for exams. Not really finishing assignments till 1-2 weeks before submission date. Creating a civilisation “game” with Python. Minecraft. Skyrim. Typical university / college student life in my opinion. Hey, I finally got ideas for this post! Let’s talk about all those things I listed out within this paragraph.

            Studying? Well, there’s still almost a month till this semester’s exams, so there’s still a looooooong time. I’m so gonna regret this. I do this during secondary school as well. I don’t really study till the week before the exams. The earliest I studied for an exam during secondary school was like 2/3 weeks before the exams, and that was for my SPM! I know this really isn’t the way to study, and people keep saying that “you’re gonna suck at the exams”, but to be honest, I didn’t. Of course I didn’t get straight A+s for every subject, but I wasn’t aiming for that, and I actually got a pretty good grade. Plus, I think the only reason why my way of studying worked is really the format of SPM exams. I’m not gonna go deep into what’s really wrong with the format because I probably am gonna get into trouble. I don’t want to get into jail for something I wrote impromptu! At least let me do my research before I write a post on that topic! Jokes aside, I should probably start studying for the coming exams. I’ve never sit on an exam here yet (the graded test for Mathematics doesn’t really count as an exam), so I don’t know what to expect in the exam hall. Hopefully I study though. I am writing that with the doubt that I would.

            Assignments. I finished 2 now? I forgot how many there were. The first one was a pair work to present an idea/concept/product with the shape of a U. Being gamers, the first thing that popped into our minds were VR glasses. Wireless VR glasses. Wireless VR plus AR glasses. Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC because an operating system is expensive and bulky. Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC but doesn’t use WiFi or Bluetooth since they both suck (as in not good enough for our purposes. I don’t mean they are bad. Just situationally bad). Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC using a wireless technology used since the 80s, researched for data transmission since the 2000s but official archives of the researched can’t be found. You can kinda get the idea of our product and how it evolved. No? I’ll probably talk more about the mysterious wireless tech in another post. I’m in my second page of MS Word already. The one I finished just now was an MSO suite assignment. Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, all in one assignment. That’s probably why we had like 10 weeks to finish that assignment. That’s also probably why I just finished it just now. By the way the submission date is actually today. So hurray for last minute assignment completion!

            Civilisation “game” in Python. Python 3.5 actually. Not really a game yet, hence the quotes. They try to survive against the power of pseudo-randomness. No AI or anything like that. Just randomness. “Day 1 – 20 people dies of mysterious causes. Civilisation died off.” Yes, that technically can happen. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. I have plans for player input, either text or an actual UI, but that just kills the fun of watching non-existent “people” dying off. At least for me. I’ll try. Maybe I can venture into understanding classes in Python and using pygame. Maybe. Who knows. One thing is for sure, I’m like addicted to keep on adding to the code now, even when I don’t really have anything productive to add. I’m currently fixing grammar errors, of all f***ing things. “1 people found food” Add 5 more lines of code to check if it’s 1 person or more than 1, then output “person” rather than “people” if it’s 1, cause reasons.

            Minecraft. I’ve not been playing it for a loooooooong time, basically because of SPM. Tried 1.9. Mobs are hard. Not being able to spam hit is hard. New skeleton AI is hard. Haven’t gone into the new End yet. That’s basically it.

            Skyrim. Now I regret that I have never played it sooner. THAT GAME IS AMAZING. AND IT’S LIKE 4 YEARS OLD NOW. AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY OF THE DLCS YET! AND I’M PLAYING WITH THE CONTROLLER! Yes, I’m getting fanboy-ish on Skyrim. Now I know why people who played it love it so much. Everything is so great. Even the mods are great. Except the detection AI. Bethesda, you perfected so many details, you can’t perfect the detection AI? That’s the main reason Sneak is OP as hell. But hey, my favourite character IS a sneaky one.

            Add in 20 minutes of random browsing, hey look at the time! 6:15 a.m.! Go to sleep, Rubin. Go to sleep for 30 minutes then wake up for class. 

31 January, 2016

Starting Off (Week 1)

      Huh, time sure flies doesn’t it? One day you are writing a blog post about starting university life and another day, one week has passed where you still haven’t completed that blog post AND you have already finished one week of your university life. Wow, ladies and gentlemen that is why procrastination must be avoided. In my defence, I wasn’t 100% procrastinating (saying that I wasn’t procrastinating at all would be a lie), I was busy packing and moving and unpacking my stuff to my new home away from home.

      Speaking of which, the place is great, and for good reasons. First of all, it’s cheaper. I’m not gonna just say it out loud how cheap it is, but it’s definitely cheaper than what the university was offering at the same place. Even though the rent excludes utility bills, gas and internet fees, I’m still getting a lot of value out of it. The room is fully furnished with a bed frame (mattresses, pillows etc. has to be brought for hygienic purposes), a wardrobe, a table and a chair. There’s also an A/C, windows and a fan, whichever ventilation I choose depending on the time and/or hotness. BUT THERE’S MORE! There’s also a bathroom/toilet (I know people will argue about this, so I’ll just put both), kitchen with a stove and a washing machine for all the tenants of the apartment to use. Adding the utility bills etc. (which is divided equally between tenants) and the RM30 shuttle bus pass per month to APU, worst case scenario I probably only need to pay an additional RM100 in the rent, which is STILL cheaper than the accommodation APU offered in the same place. Now that’s some value if I’ve ever seen one.

      This week was mostly just an orientation week. Heck, “mostly” is an understatement. It’s COMPLETELY an orientation week. I went to APU at the first day thinking it’s just a 1 day orientation thing, but nope, there’s a whole 4 day lecture/briefing programme ranging from Code of Conduct to Library Briefing to Co-Curriculum Briefing to an English Diagnostic Test. Yes, there was a test on my 2nd day of university life. It’s not going to be graded or something, but I guess it’s for the university staff to get a feel for our English skills. How did I do? Well, I’ve not done a lot in English for a few months since SPM, so you can say that my English is rusty. There’s also a Mathematics Diagnostics Test for Engineering Students, which I was interested to just attend and do it for fun, but sadly I forgot to bring a calculator that day… I had mixed feelings for the lectures/briefings, some were fun and engaging, some were boring and dull.

      Icebreaking session? I hear someone ask about an icebreaking session? Congratulations, here’s a non-existent sweet for the person in front of the screen. For some reason, they decided to put the icebreaking session on the last day instead of the first, which was weird since the point of the icebreaking session was to know each other and make friends during the orientation. Nevertheless, the icebreaking session was interesting. About 100-200 of us new Foundation and Diploma students of that intake was broken into 3 groups and were asked to come up with a team name and a battle cry of some sort (one of the student representatives even joked, or maybe not, that for those taking Engineering, it REALLY is going to be a battle). After 5 years of listening to the 24 Festive Drums team practicing in secondary school, the semi-annoying and fully-deafening drum rhythms finally came into use. I asked if anyone in our group knew about the 24 Festive Drums and nobody answered even though there’s A LOT of local Chinese students in our group. Either they are shy or it’s just my school that has that, we might never know. Anyway, I proposed to use a basic rhythm often practiced by the 24 Festive Drums team (which was practiced so many times that it is stuck in my head even though I’m not part of them) in our battle cry, which at least made us not be the worse group there. By the way, the worse group had to eat (I repeat, EAT) salt. Not just a pinch, a HANDFUL. Well, the close-to-eardrum-popping practice sessions that made it impossible to hear anything the friend beside you is saying has saved me from having high blood pressure. Hoorah for that!

      Well then, my legs are starting to get sore from writing this post on my lap while on the bus home, so I guess that’s a good time as ever to stop writing. There’s just another 6+ hours I need to sleep away, which hopefully my legs won’t get paralysed while I’m at it. Next week the actual classes are starting, so “Yay”??? After that it’s the Chinese New Year break, so “Yay”!!!

Pew Pew Pew:
  • "XXX wants to go to college ~”; “XXX wants to enjoy college life ~” NYAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
  • Make a reference to Fly FM’s Krappi Call set by me, check.
  • To those who knows what I’m referencing, good for you, here’s another non-existent sweet for you.
  • Where the hell did 50 subscribers come from? I haven’t posted a video for like a year!
  • Still on the fence on making gaming videos with this laptop. Laptop lags a bit when playing some of the new games I acquired on the last Steam Sale. The continuation of the Expert Emerald Nuzlocke series is PLAUSIBLE, although my save state is gone so I’m gonna have to restart. Don’t take my word for it though.

29 January, 2016

Hello, Goodbye

Can you read me? 
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like a sheet.
To go over, 
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the work fell in front me.
There’s such a distance,
Between us,
And a million trials.
So hello from the writer’s side. (Writer’s side)
I must have wrote a thousand lines. (Thousand lines)
To tell you,
I’m sorry,
For failing my part,
But when I tried,
Stuff just seems,
To get in my way,
All the time.

      Ok, I can’t keep this up. There’s a limit to how many rhymes I can come up with from the top of my head.

      Anyway, hello everyone, it’s me. (Now I can’t get that song out of my head, AGAIN.) It’s been quite a while since I posted something, 1 year and 2 months to be exact. As you could guess from my parody lyrics, stuff just got in the way. Last year was my SPM year, and school work got busy whether academic, co-curricular or regarding the position I had in school. Of course, personal and private stuff also arose, but they are called “personal and private” for a reason, so don’t ask.

      So, why am I writing this now instead of straight up abandoning blogging and YouTube-ing? Because I’m not abandoning them. I would love to keep doing these as long as I have the time, privacy and hardware (and probably software) to keep up. Blogging has been a great opportunity for me to share my opinions and feelings without posting a 1000 word Facebook post; while YouTube-ing is just a fun little way for me to play video games, speak English and make videos all at the same time. However, I can’t promise that I’ll be doing these regularly (as always), because my life is taking a huge big step forward.

      On to the announcement: I will be going to college! How exciting is that? After 6 years in primary school and 5 years in secondary school, here comes 4 years (at least) in college! And after that, there’s just roughly 30 to 40 years of work until retirement. Wow, if you put it that way, life seems boring doesn’t it? Well, hopefully it’s better than it seems. I mean, there’s still marriage and having a family and being worried about not making ends meet and all that, so yeah life isn’t as boring as it seems.

      Anyway, I managed to enrol in the January intake Foundation programme for Asia Pacific University (APU) with a 50% Merit Scholarship using my SPM trial examination results. Some people WILL have questions so I’ll kindly list out some FAQs that I received so that you guys can just stop bugging me.

Q: Why Asia Pacific University?
A: They’re famous for their IT courses, and I wish to head out in that direction.

Q: Why not wait till the actual results come out?
A: I’m not aiming for bursary and I already know which field I am going towards. I’m also not confident that my actual SPM results will be better or even at par with my trials results, which would affect my Merit Scholarship.

Q: Don’t you wanna go study overseas?
A: No.

Q: Studying overseas is so much better than in Malaysia! You can’t survive in Malaysia! Just go immigrate there after you finish your studies and work there! You’ll be much richer and happier!
A: Firstly, that’s not a question.  Next, have you seen our current economy lately? 1 USD is RM4.40 right now! I’m not making my family broke just so I can study overseas. If I get bursary, sure I’ll CONSIDER it. By the way, I believe we can survive in Malaysia just fine as long as we can work hard and deal with problems the smart way. As for richer and happier, I don’t aim to be rich. Currency is a somewhat arbitrary value. It’s just an effing number. As long as I have enough money to live I’m happy.

Q: What about YouTube-ing and blogging?
A: Like I said earlier, no promises. I might be too busy with coursework and all that to be doing these stuff. Believe me, I really hope that I can manage to get some videos and blog posts out again. YouTube videos might be a little tough as I will be living with other people in an apartment, and I'm not sure if my new laptop (Yes, I'm getting a new laptop.) can handle both playing games and recording at the same time. I'll experiment with it when it arrives, which should be soon. Blog posts should not be a problem, and I'd love to share my life experiences in college.

      So there you have it. I'm actually finishing up this post a few days after when I first started writing this, so I'm actually starting tomorrow! I've moved my stuff over and I hope I'll have a great time in my pre-university life.

      No bullets this time. I'm already late a week. Gotta get this out before my next post comes out in a few hours. By the way, I know Bursary and JPA has been suspended, but my original passage was written before that was announced, so get off me already, geez....

18 November, 2014


     A friendly note: This blog post is mostly about my YouTube channel. This is just a little reminder for you guys just in case you don't like posts like this. If so, then you can just leave without wasting your precious time reading this. Why am I doing this? Well, some people are really vocal about their complaints and really hate this kind of posts, giving comments like "You are wasting my time here!" and "Really? Another post about your stupid YouTube channel?" and "Go **** yourself with your ******* YouTube channel!" I appreciate the feedback you are giving me, but if you really don't like posts like this, there is an option in your brain called "ignore", so you might want to consider using that option before reading this. Yes, I am talking to you, guy with nothing but negative comments about what other people do.

     Now that that's done, here's a video:
Pokemon Platinum w/ Rubin: Part 4 - RIP

     This one is a bit of a sad one as I'm officially discontinuing a series of mine. You don't see me doing this very often as I usually just leave a series behind if I want to discontinue it, so you just have to deal with this video. I'm not gonna get to much detail here on this blog post, so you might as well watch the video if you want explanations.

     In short, I'm not really interested enough in the game to continue doing a series on it. Regular Pokemon games also don't have much difficulty in it, plus the lack of a decent story-line, both of which makes me feel like it's not going to be entertaining for the people watching.

     A point that I did not explain in the video is that I haven't played the game before, and I don't want to ruin the fun of it by playing the game without recording. The problem with this is that I can't find that much time to do recording sessions, and it really bugs me that I have a game in my computer that I find interesting, yet I can't play it. Other than that, I don't get motivated as much from my other series as no one really watches this one. I know at least 3 people who continually watches my Ender Mission series. There's literally 0 views on my last episode of Pokemon Platinum.

     I am, however, planning a new Pokemon series for my channel to compensate for this loss. I've done a single recording session on it, and I'm very excited on how far it can go on my YouTube channel. I will try to be entertaining on that series and make sure that you guys are having as much fun as I am. Hopefully it doesn't go down like my current Pokemon series.

     I don't want to describe it too much, but I'll give you guys a few hints. It's my favourite Pokemon game so far. I haven't played a lot of Pokemon games, so that might change in the future. It also has a VERY HIGH difficulty to it, which should make it also VERY interesting and hopefully entertaining for you guys to enjoy. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to be updated on when that would come out! You can just scroll up the page and press that red "Subscribe" button! What? You're reading this on a phone? Then just manually go to my YouTube channel!

     Anyway, I'm gonna stop the teasing and self-advertising there. Thanks for reading this blog post. If you read till this line, you are totally awesome.

Shoot your seeds like bullets! Why do I feel like I've used this joke already?:
  • I just noticed that there is an "Insert a video" option, which can directly fetch your YouTube channel videos and embed it on a blog post. It is, however, very badly coded and I shall never use it again until Google fix it.
  • Fix your code Google!
  • By the way, Google, you should have a more customizable font size for posts! Put that on your to-do list!
  • Changed the "About Me" section a bit.
  • Passing the negativity that was passed to me to my fellow readers. It's like emotions are a type of energy! That's an idea I got in my brain for a while now and I might explain on my "Emotions are Energy" theory on a future blog post!
  • See? My world doesn't just revolve around my YouTube channel! Yeah, I'm talking to you negative-thinking guy!

10 November, 2014

Short Term Memory Loss

     Woops.... Misclicked the "Publish" button way too early. Sorry one guy who saw this post when it was still incomplete...

     So..... Um... Here's a video I should've posted like a month ago..... Video 7 of 6 (wow...) of the 2014 MDK Taekwondo Championships...

     And of course, here's a gaming video to go along with it! It's Part 3 of my Pokemon Platinum Gameplay.

     So, yeah. I do apologize for the late video. It completely vanished from my brain until I saw it in my video archives. Phew... Now I'm glad that I actually keep all my videos in a hard drive.

     To be honest though, I do think that I might have Short Term Memory Loss. I can rarely remember something that happened recently unless I really take the effort to memorize it and store it in my brain. Usually I just keep a note on my phone about all the important things I need to know about, since I don't trust my brain really. However sometimes I just forget to look at my phone (Wow that's a whole loop on the memory loss...), which makes it sort of redundant...

     I do, however, remember things that happen a LONG time ago, which is why I think that I have STML. Weird really. I feel old now. Like a person with Alzheimer's disease... Just another thing to add to my "The World Hates Me" list...

"You wake up to a world with no rules. What would you do?" Use bullets of course!
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