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23 May, 2014

Hey! I'm ME!

Hey, am I really me? I have a blog? WOW! I must be really awesome...... yeah, no.

Anyways if you see this, that means YOU(!) are AWESOME because you actually watch my video(s)!
If not, well I'm sure you are still AWESOME because you will watch it:

If you still did not watch that, well...... I have no comments...
{other than FISH YOU! [no I'm just joking :D ]}
So, if you are THAT GUY/GAL out there wondering why I'm making a blog, well, actually it's almost for the same reason why I started making videos on Youtube. {Not really, though...}

Where do I start? Well, I am mainly doing this so that I actually have a place to express my feeling/thoughts on stuff if I'm not / unable to record videos. Trust me, that happens A LOT.

Plus, I can shamelessly self-advertise here! YAY!
{Go watch my Ghost Recon Phantoms episode! It's awesome!}
It's also another place I can improve my English in. But sometimes, I think I'll just write about nonsense here. Like so:
{A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P, Q-R-S-T-U-V-W, X-Y-Z... I think I just messed that up...}
That was fun right? Yea............ No it's not, I apologize. I really do.

Anyways hope you guys can support me, my Youtube channel, and this blog right here!
BE AWESOME PEOPLE, DON'T BE.....what's an antonym for 'awesome'? I have no clue...
{If you do know, comment below and be AWESOME by helping me out. I am serious here.}

Hey! Secret messages! {I've marked them with '{ }'s.}
{Like so}
  • Made a blog. :D
  • Added a page on my main series, "Minecraft: Ender Mission". Check out my latest episode of the series! A list of my older episodes can also be found there.

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