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09 June, 2014

Java (Mee)

Java Mee :D

In Malaysia (or other Asian countries, I don't really know.), there's a dish named Jawa Mee, or Jawanese Noodles. It's really tasty if you ask me, but I'm talking about another Jawa. A Jawa that is spelled "Java".

If you had to ask, Java is a programming language like C++ and Python and Lua and....I got nothing else. It's used in a lot of software and games, in my case Minecraft. I'm trying my best in making a modpack here but Java keeps blocking my freaking way!

I'm getting "NullPointerException" and "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" and "NoClassDefFoundError" and "ClassNotFoundException" and "RubinIsGoingCrazyException" and all sort's of crashes. (The last one's not really real :D )

For those who don't speak Programming, the quoted things in the previous paragraph are "errors" or "exceptions" or "crashes" or "messages that tell you something is wrong" or "if you still don't understand what the quoted things are you need to learn English. NOW."

How I wish I can have a great bowl of Jawa/Java Mee right now... I can freaking throw it towards the computer.

Hey. Anyone want to learn Lua? I know I want to.

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