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21 June, 2014

Opinions on Buying Games

Steam Summer Sale 2014 is here guys!!!
"Meh... I can just download it from pirate bay."
"But the games that go on sale aren't fun."
"I don't have money."
"I want to buy 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare'/ 'PvZ: Garden Warfare' / 'Super-Expensive-Games-That-Are-Still-Expensive-In-The-Sale' "
"What in the world is Steam?"

That's what most of the responses I get from my Malaysian friends when I get out of my Anti-Social Shell and try to create a conversation with someone. Which then leaves me awkwardly standing/sitting there having no idea what to talk about next. Well here's what I got to say about those responses.

DISCLAIMER: These opinions are just thoughts of mine. Please forgive me if any disrespect is shown for some people in this matter.

Response #1 : Cracked Games
To be honest, I play cracked games as well. But this is only for those that cost like 50 USD or something that I do not have the ability to pay. I am not teasing anyone for downloading and playing cracked games. However, in my opinion, if (I repeat: IF) you have the ability to pay for a game, why not do it? I mean think about the developers and designers and people who spend weeks, even months creating a game for our entertainment. They need to earn money too. They probably have a wife, children and parents who are in the hospital praying that their son/daughter can pay for their hospital fees by making games. (That might be a little bit hyperbolic, but it might be real.) The Steam Sale is a great opportunity for people to still support developers while not using too much of their money.

Response #2: Games on sale are not fun
Guy, you probably didn't really go through the games that are on sale. Almost EVERY SINGLE GAME on Steam is on sale. Just keep looking through the list and you'll find a game you like. There's also a "Wishlist" function on Steam which let's you sort games you want in order of price.
Oh yeah, there's also gamers who are used to playing their favourite games (Do I really have to list them out? I think I have to or people won't get the idea...) like DOTA/LOL players, COD players, Online-FPS-Games players, the list can go on if I want to. GO CHECK OUT THE WORLD OF GAMING AND STOP BEING AN ANTI-OTHER-GAMES PERSON (It's really ironic right, me being an socially-akward person)

Response #3: Money
If you come from a poor family, then I have no comments. But like I said in Response #1, if you have the ability to buy a game from legal sources, then why not do it?

Response #4: I have no idea how to title this one.
This is somewhat the same as being an anti-other-games-person.
COD:AW isn't even released yet. Heck it doesn't even have a pre-order option. To be honest, I really think COD is HIGHLY OVER-RATED (again, my own opinion.). The franchise has some good games in it, but the "we-must-put-out-a-title-every-year" strategy they are having really kills the mood for me.
PvZ: GW isn't even a Steam game, and it probably won't be.

Response #5: What is Steam...
Really..... Well I'm glad that you don't call yourself a true gamer because if you don't even know or heard of Steam, you can't be one (once again, my own opinion). Steam is basically a "Shop" for people to buy games legally. It's kinda like "Apple App Store" and "Google Play Store" minus the fake apps that are viruses. Steam also provides servers for multiplayer games. If you play cracked games, chances are you can't play multiplayer, which are the highlights of some games. Here's a link to Wikipedia about Steam and the Steam homepage if you want more info.


Well, that was a long one wasn't it? I don't have hopes like "I hope I changed your mind about gaming now" or "I hope you are a different person" or whatever. This is just a post of my opinions, and mine alone. Again, may I clarify: I AM NOT TRYING TO TEASE OR DISRESPECT ANYONE. THESE ARE ONLY MY OPINIONS. I JUST WANT A MEDIUM WHERE I CAN GET THEM OUT OF MY F-ING HEAD SO THAT IT WILL F-ING SHUT UP.

Thank you for reading all that. I really appreciate the support. Really, it makes me happy to know that somewhere, sometime, someone actually read this whole post.

Hey, I bought a new game. Might make a video. Might not. We'll see what happens.

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