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29 August, 2014

The Art of Making Videos

A lot of people I know think that making videos is simple. "All you have to do is hit record, save it to your computer, upload it and Viola! Done." Sure, that works too, if you want a bad quality video, and I know

Making videos is more than just that. Take for instance my Ender Mission series. Each episode I use like at least half an hour (in a good day. A bad day? Maybe a few hours...) planning what I have to do. I think of what to say and what to do and things like that.

Then comes testing. I start testing my mic, my video capture program and see if things are set up to the way they are supposed to. I don't want to go into a recording session without my mic plugged in, I had too many experiences of that already.

After making sure that everything is in workable condition, I start my recording session. The length of the recording session varies according to a few things: the length of the video, difficulty of the things I'm trying to do in the video, luck and sanity. Yes, sometimes I go crazy in a recording session and I have to do that whole thing all over again, which makes me more insane, but hey, it's for entertainment.

After recording the video, then comes the hardest part in video making: EDITING. This can take up like 1-10 hours (more or less) depending on what I'm doing. Some people would say that, "Oh, editing? That can be done in a few minutes." My response is, "Are you making a 10 second video?" Editing is hard. Editing is ruthless.  Just trying to balance between "too dark" and "too bright" can take an hour.

However, RENDERING is even WORSE. It could take 1 hour to render a 10 minute video. Do the math and you get 2 hours per 20 minute video. Of course, rendering time depends on the quality of the video and your computer power. Have a great computer with great processor speed and a great GPU (Graphics Processor Unit a.k.a. Graphics Card a.k.a. Video Card) and congratulations, your rendering time is decreased by 10 minutes.

After editing and rendering, the rest is pretty simple. Just upload and advertise and you got yourself a video. Taadaa! Welcome to the video making industry!

So, what's the point of all this? None. I just wanted to post something new on my blog and have a place to put this future gaming series teaser:
Future series Teaser!!!
I blurred a few stuff so that it's not too easy for you guys to guess, but anyone that watches Twitch.tv streams or have a gaming childhood should easily recognise (recognize? I still have no clue...) what this is, so get excited everyone! Of course, the company that made this game would claim the heck out of my videos since they do not like people using their stuff (I still don't get why they do that. It's FREE ADVERTISEMENT! Why do you not like FREE ADVERTISEMENT?), but we'll see...

Bullet List of Awesomeness!!!! :
  • Changed the template of my blog to something more than "Simple"
  • Broke my promise of putting up an Ender Mission episode. Sorry guys. As you have read I need a lot of time to put a video out.
  • Secret Scrapyard on my blog!
  • Secret Javascript on my blog!
  • 5 more secret stuff!
  • 4 less secret stuff!
  • Removed 1 secret stuff.
  • Stopped adding random stuff into this list.
  • Re-enabled adding random stuff into this list.
  • Attempted to remain sane while writing this list, but failed.
  • Said, "Don't judge me!" to everyone reading this exact line right now.

21 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #4

Unplugged and the Keat Hwa Symphony Orchestra
Ah... My last video on the 801 Charity Concert... It's not even the complete performance as I was late on hitting the record button, and of course my battery died in this one, but hey, I still uploaded it!

I'll just put the video here because I have some stuff to write that most people won't even read, so here you go. This video features the Keat Hwa Symphony Orchestra (Group? Team? Who knows...) and "Unplugged", 3 talented singers from our school that I won't try to name because I forgot what the name of one of them is, and of course the usual crew talking in the background....

Now for the more boring part:
I want to say thank you to all the people who watched my videos, and even subscribed to my channel. Just from the 801 Charity Concert videos, I got more than 500 views and a handful of subscribers. I really appreciate the support, although most of you don't recognise (recognize?) it as "supporting" me, but just looking at the numbers grow puts a smile on my face every time and makes me want to continue doing what I do. Although most of the other videos after this one are going to be my gaming videos, I'll keep on uploading real-life ones when I get the chance to record some. Hey, there's the Keat Hwa Idol Finals coming around the corner (Next week if you are reading this the same day I published this), so maybe I'll go and record some stuff there! More thanks to those who read my blog posts, because just like my channel, I feel like I've actually accomplished something in my life when I see the statistics grow every post. I'll try to write blog posts more often, and upload a video at least once a week as my sign of appreciation to all of you guys. And finally, I want to say again in all the languages I know: "Thank You. Terima Kasih. 谢谢."

Why the heck did I write that like I just hit 1 million subscribers on Youtube, I have no clue. But at least my post has some things in it! And maybe I have something to copy from in the event that I actually hit that milestone :D

And now for a bulleted list of stuffs:
  • Special thanks to subscribers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. If you didn't read the boring part, I basically just said thanks to all of you. I'd love the name out all of you, but you guys have your subscriptions made private, so I can't.
  • My channel just broke 1200 views!! Woohoo!!
  • 500+ blog views!! Yay!!
  • Ender Mission will be back next week, maybe one episode every week. No promises, but I'll try...
  • About me section.....
  • Google+ Follower section... Not really a fan of Google+ but meh...

15 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #3

Hey guys! I'm back! Had exams last week so I was a little inactive. No worries, cause here's the next 801 Charity Concert Video!!! This one is a little hard to feature a single group, as it's A LOT of people from different dancing styles that I don't even know about, so I'll just call this video "A Lot Of People Dancing". Is that appropriate enough? Yes. Of course it is! Here's the video, featuring A LOT of people dancing, and of course the usual crew members shouting around...:

Well..... This is another video with copyrighted material..... Sooooooo....... I hope Youtube and whoever's gonna claim the copyright would go easy on me.... Or my gaming channel (or what USED to be a gaming channel) would go "bye bye!"

By the way, thank you 7th subscriber for subscribing! I don't know who you are, but your support is truly appreciated. (Why can't most of you do things like that...) I promise I'll get back to my gaming series as soon as possible (I did not say when though, it might be a few months/years from now :P ). If you did not subscribe because of my gaming content, well that's fine anyways, as I'll upload more real-life videos if I record any.

* Post update: Apparently Youtube decided to block the video in some countries...... But good thing it's just Germany :D

05 August, 2014

801 Charity Convert Video #2

Keat Hwa Military Band
I'm actually surprised from the page views the last post I posted got. I mean, I kinda expected that, but I did not expect 50 views in 2 days. So thank you all who chose the path of the Blogger link rather than the Youtube link.

However, I was also surprised that the views of the video on Youtube is less than the views of the blog post. What is going on? Are you guys reading my posts but not watching the video? Even if you say that "Oh, I went to the Charity Concert and watched the performances already...", there's some interesting background shouting in that video (as well as the ones after) worth checking out, so GO DO THAT, HERE! (Shameless Self-Advertising :D)

Sorry for that nonsense, I had to think of a way to make this post more than just a video advertisement (by making it an advertisement for 2 videos? Wow...).

Anyways, without further ado, here's the 2nd video for the 801 Charity Concert.
This video features the Keat Hwa Military Band (team? group? squad? I don't know...) as well as Matthew, me and the other guys shouting around the "photospot". Have no idea what a "photospot' is? Check out my last post! (More shameless self-advertising. No link though, go find it yourself!)

Yes Youtube, I know there's copyrighted material. It's never going to hit 300+ views so you won't lose any money. I even acknowledged the copyright claim. Apparently it wasn't even Sony that claimed it, it was some weird company... At least it didn't block my video :D



*Portal 2 reference. No, I don't record Portal 2. I do, however, record Minecraft on my channel! (Oh God here we go again......... I seriously need to stop myself from self-advertising and also from talking to myself using brackets.)

Blog updates:
  • Rearranged and deleted some widgets on the bar on the right.
  • Added a blog post leaderboard. Now we can know which blog post is the most popular!
  • Special thanks to "T.C.A." for following my blog (Yes, I am stalking everyone who watches my blog :D )
  • Please don't take that seriously, I was just joking. I know some guy out there would think I was being serious.

03 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #1

The Art of Photospotting
As part of the ICT team in the school charity concert, I got the chance to use a "photospot", which is technically a big spotlight you would see in concerts and stuff like that. The good thing of controlling the "photospot" is that I get the best seat in the house and the view is just amazing. I brought my camera to record some videos of the performances right next to the "photospot", so here's the opening ceremony and the first performance. Good thing the camera didn't melt from the heat of the "photospot".

Of course, what is a job without some chaos, shouting around, misfortune and hard work?

Chaos and shouting around can be easily heard in this video (and the upcoming ones) as our "supervisor" "supervises" us while we were using the "photospot".

Misfortune is that my camera battery went out after a few performances. Best. Battery. Ever. Therefore, I can't record and upload all of the performances, only the first few.

Hard work is the editting of the videos I recorded. Like just now: Best. Camera. EVER. Stupid thing keeps focusing on the LED screen and not on the performers so I had to edit the brightness and countless things which most people won't understand if I list them out so I'll just say brightness. Plus, I had to rotate the video cause I placed the tripod in an angle, but that's none of the camera's fault.

Well... I can't think of a conclusion for the post.... So..... Enjoy the video.... I guess.........