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03 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #1

The Art of Photospotting
As part of the ICT team in the school charity concert, I got the chance to use a "photospot", which is technically a big spotlight you would see in concerts and stuff like that. The good thing of controlling the "photospot" is that I get the best seat in the house and the view is just amazing. I brought my camera to record some videos of the performances right next to the "photospot", so here's the opening ceremony and the first performance. Good thing the camera didn't melt from the heat of the "photospot".

Of course, what is a job without some chaos, shouting around, misfortune and hard work?

Chaos and shouting around can be easily heard in this video (and the upcoming ones) as our "supervisor" "supervises" us while we were using the "photospot".

Misfortune is that my camera battery went out after a few performances. Best. Battery. Ever. Therefore, I can't record and upload all of the performances, only the first few.

Hard work is the editting of the videos I recorded. Like just now: Best. Camera. EVER. Stupid thing keeps focusing on the LED screen and not on the performers so I had to edit the brightness and countless things which most people won't understand if I list them out so I'll just say brightness. Plus, I had to rotate the video cause I placed the tripod in an angle, but that's none of the camera's fault.

Well... I can't think of a conclusion for the post.... So..... Enjoy the video.... I guess.........

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