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15 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #3

Hey guys! I'm back! Had exams last week so I was a little inactive. No worries, cause here's the next 801 Charity Concert Video!!! This one is a little hard to feature a single group, as it's A LOT of people from different dancing styles that I don't even know about, so I'll just call this video "A Lot Of People Dancing". Is that appropriate enough? Yes. Of course it is! Here's the video, featuring A LOT of people dancing, and of course the usual crew members shouting around...:

Well..... This is another video with copyrighted material..... Sooooooo....... I hope Youtube and whoever's gonna claim the copyright would go easy on me.... Or my gaming channel (or what USED to be a gaming channel) would go "bye bye!"

By the way, thank you 7th subscriber for subscribing! I don't know who you are, but your support is truly appreciated. (Why can't most of you do things like that...) I promise I'll get back to my gaming series as soon as possible (I did not say when though, it might be a few months/years from now :P ). If you did not subscribe because of my gaming content, well that's fine anyways, as I'll upload more real-life videos if I record any.

* Post update: Apparently Youtube decided to block the video in some countries...... But good thing it's just Germany :D

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