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21 August, 2014

801 Charity Concert Video #4

Unplugged and the Keat Hwa Symphony Orchestra
Ah... My last video on the 801 Charity Concert... It's not even the complete performance as I was late on hitting the record button, and of course my battery died in this one, but hey, I still uploaded it!

I'll just put the video here because I have some stuff to write that most people won't even read, so here you go. This video features the Keat Hwa Symphony Orchestra (Group? Team? Who knows...) and "Unplugged", 3 talented singers from our school that I won't try to name because I forgot what the name of one of them is, and of course the usual crew talking in the background....

Now for the more boring part:
I want to say thank you to all the people who watched my videos, and even subscribed to my channel. Just from the 801 Charity Concert videos, I got more than 500 views and a handful of subscribers. I really appreciate the support, although most of you don't recognise (recognize?) it as "supporting" me, but just looking at the numbers grow puts a smile on my face every time and makes me want to continue doing what I do. Although most of the other videos after this one are going to be my gaming videos, I'll keep on uploading real-life ones when I get the chance to record some. Hey, there's the Keat Hwa Idol Finals coming around the corner (Next week if you are reading this the same day I published this), so maybe I'll go and record some stuff there! More thanks to those who read my blog posts, because just like my channel, I feel like I've actually accomplished something in my life when I see the statistics grow every post. I'll try to write blog posts more often, and upload a video at least once a week as my sign of appreciation to all of you guys. And finally, I want to say again in all the languages I know: "Thank You. Terima Kasih. 谢谢."

Why the heck did I write that like I just hit 1 million subscribers on Youtube, I have no clue. But at least my post has some things in it! And maybe I have something to copy from in the event that I actually hit that milestone :D

And now for a bulleted list of stuffs:
  • Special thanks to subscribers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. If you didn't read the boring part, I basically just said thanks to all of you. I'd love the name out all of you, but you guys have your subscriptions made private, so I can't.
  • My channel just broke 1200 views!! Woohoo!!
  • 500+ blog views!! Yay!!
  • Ender Mission will be back next week, maybe one episode every week. No promises, but I'll try...
  • About me section.....
  • Google+ Follower section... Not really a fan of Google+ but meh...

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