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29 August, 2014

The Art of Making Videos

A lot of people I know think that making videos is simple. "All you have to do is hit record, save it to your computer, upload it and Viola! Done." Sure, that works too, if you want a bad quality video, and I know

Making videos is more than just that. Take for instance my Ender Mission series. Each episode I use like at least half an hour (in a good day. A bad day? Maybe a few hours...) planning what I have to do. I think of what to say and what to do and things like that.

Then comes testing. I start testing my mic, my video capture program and see if things are set up to the way they are supposed to. I don't want to go into a recording session without my mic plugged in, I had too many experiences of that already.

After making sure that everything is in workable condition, I start my recording session. The length of the recording session varies according to a few things: the length of the video, difficulty of the things I'm trying to do in the video, luck and sanity. Yes, sometimes I go crazy in a recording session and I have to do that whole thing all over again, which makes me more insane, but hey, it's for entertainment.

After recording the video, then comes the hardest part in video making: EDITING. This can take up like 1-10 hours (more or less) depending on what I'm doing. Some people would say that, "Oh, editing? That can be done in a few minutes." My response is, "Are you making a 10 second video?" Editing is hard. Editing is ruthless.  Just trying to balance between "too dark" and "too bright" can take an hour.

However, RENDERING is even WORSE. It could take 1 hour to render a 10 minute video. Do the math and you get 2 hours per 20 minute video. Of course, rendering time depends on the quality of the video and your computer power. Have a great computer with great processor speed and a great GPU (Graphics Processor Unit a.k.a. Graphics Card a.k.a. Video Card) and congratulations, your rendering time is decreased by 10 minutes.

After editing and rendering, the rest is pretty simple. Just upload and advertise and you got yourself a video. Taadaa! Welcome to the video making industry!

So, what's the point of all this? None. I just wanted to post something new on my blog and have a place to put this future gaming series teaser:
Future series Teaser!!!
I blurred a few stuff so that it's not too easy for you guys to guess, but anyone that watches Twitch.tv streams or have a gaming childhood should easily recognise (recognize? I still have no clue...) what this is, so get excited everyone! Of course, the company that made this game would claim the heck out of my videos since they do not like people using their stuff (I still don't get why they do that. It's FREE ADVERTISEMENT! Why do you not like FREE ADVERTISEMENT?), but we'll see...

Bullet List of Awesomeness!!!! :
  • Changed the template of my blog to something more than "Simple"
  • Broke my promise of putting up an Ender Mission episode. Sorry guys. As you have read I need a lot of time to put a video out.
  • Secret Scrapyard on my blog!
  • Secret Javascript on my blog!
  • 5 more secret stuff!
  • 4 less secret stuff!
  • Removed 1 secret stuff.
  • Stopped adding random stuff into this list.
  • Re-enabled adding random stuff into this list.
  • Attempted to remain sane while writing this list, but failed.
  • Said, "Don't judge me!" to everyone reading this exact line right now.

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