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21 September, 2014

Contract Scam

     So, great news everybody! My microphone on my headset broke, so my gaming videos would be on a pause until I find a way to fix it or I buy a new mic. Now it can finally be on my great List Of Broken Electronic S***! Damn... And I was just trying to record some Pokemon Platinum when this thing wanted to break on me.

     Of course, that doesn't stop me from uploading more real-life videos! No mic required. So, here's a new one plus one that I was too lazy to post in a blog post.

Taerobics - I Love You/Hotboy (13-15 Y/O Kedah (T.#2)) - 2014 Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo Championship*

Taerobics - Marjaani Marjaani Kasame (13-15 Y/O Team #1) - 2014 Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo Championship*

     With the videos aside, let's talk about something that, surprisingly, gave me an emotional roller-coaster, even though it had nothing to do with me. So, everyone knows what a contract is, right? What everyone doesn't know is that MOST PEOPLE DOES NOT READ WHAT IS WRITTEN ON IT. Why am I so upset? I don't even know. I just got frustrated when I read a contract, or should I say "agreement", that just seem's so suspicious and just downright WRONG.

     So, there's an award ceremony that's going to happen in our school, and only students who are selected are allowed to attend that award ceremony. Those who are selected are given a piece of paper with hell lots of Malay words and spaces for people to sign in. The title of the paper is something like "Under-Aged Model Agreement" or something. Nothing wrong right? READ THE WORDS ON THE PAPER! Let me explain what makes that "agreement" so suspicious and is making me crazy every time I think about it.

     In my understanding, there is no need for a witness to sign that agreement unless a lawyer is involved. I can be wrong about that though, since I'm no lawyer or anything. But, if a lawyer REALLY is involved, then people really need to READ THE TEXT before they get cheated and have no power to fight back, cause what is written on it is just wrong and feels like it's invading our human rights, and that's what my second point is about.

I'll try my best to translate it from Malay and from the back of my head.
     Quote #1: "The pictures or videos taken can be used in any form for including but not limited to advertisement purposes." That basically just states that the company can use pictures/videos of you IN ANY WAY IT WANTS.
     Quote #2: "I agree that I will not lodge any complaints/lawsuits to XXX Company if I find that there are problems with the pictures/videos OR if the pictures/videos are damaged OR if the pictures/videos are modified in any way." Seriously man? Don't tell me that you guys reading this are still not convinced that this feels wrong. I mean, it's basically stating that they can modify your photos however they want!
     Quote #3: "All photos/videos, whether in the form of digital copies, negatives, films or those equivalent are full property of XXX Company" Do I really have to define that sentence for you? You basically do not have the right to blame them for anything since it's their property.

     After just those 2 points, do I need to explain myself on why I fell that the agreement was suspicious? Actually, I have really have no idea why I am so mad and frustrated about that contract scam. To be honest, I have nothing to do with it, so I myself am confused on why I'm riding this emotional roller-coaster. It's like I have a grudge with that piece of paper on my past life. Anyways thank you guys for reading this, your support is always appreciated, especially if you actually read the ENTIRE POST.

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  • First-Person-Shooter reference, if you guys were confused what the title of the bullet list is all about. I'm really running low on bullet pun ammo though.. (*sarcastic laugh...*)

16 September, 2014

Remembering... [2014 MDK Taekwondo Championship Video #1]

     Remember when I said my wireless mouse was not responding on the last post? Well now, it really isn't freaking working. I have to downgrade to my old wired mouse which has a broken left mouse button. This stupid thing works well at one time, thinks I'm double clicking when I'm trying to single click, and sometimes it just doesn't work AT ALL. Well, at least only the mouse button is broken and not THE WHOLE ENTIRE STUPID MOUSE! I really need to invest some money on buying some better equipment man...

     Remember when I said my stupid camera could not handle USB file transfers? Well I was wrong about that. But, I could have sworn that I could not transfer files through USB before, but who cares? Now I can, so here's the first video of the competition I went to:

Click me if you are a mobile user and you can't see what the heck is under me.

     Remember when my real-life videos were just plain videos? Well if you had watched this one, you would have noticed I added extra stuff into it, just because I have too little things to do in my life right now... To be honest, I think an intro and an outro (is that even a word? I don't know) is a little overkill for a real-life video, but hey, since I've created it, why not use it?

     Remember when I was worried about copyright issues on my real-life videos? Well now I have some more videos to worry about, 9 to be exact. Hopefully none of them would ruin my channel's "Good Standing", or result in the video being blocked in Malaysia. If the videos are blocked in any country other than Malaysia, then I don't really care. :D Oh, and if you are wondering, the music I used for the intro and outro is "royalty-free". It (should not) get copyright claimed as long as I credit the owner of the song and provide its license info, so here is some advertisement:
The song used is "Five Armies" by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

     Remember when I used to apologize on my 801 Charity Concert videos? Well here's some more apologizing. I'm soooooo sorry for the echoes of the music in this and future videos. I recorded these videos somewhat above the speakers and with the way the stadium is built, it's basically an echo chamber. Physics! Sometimes you are fascinating, sometimes you are just getting in the way. Anyway I did what is possible (in my knowledge of audio editing) to reduce the echoes, but there is almost NO WAY to reduce the echo completely, so don't blame me, blame physics.

     Remember when I ran out of bullet puns? I still am. I think that I may have repeated one on the last post...

  • Maybe I repeated that pun again... Who knows? I have a bad memory due to the way my brain keeps talking to itself.
  • Remember the Pokemon series I had and I was wondering if I want to do 3 videos per week? Well I'm still wondering...
  • I don't really have anything else to bullet here...
  • Well, thanks for reading and watching, I guess...

14 September, 2014

Computer Talk

     I'm finally back from the competition I mentioned last post, and boy, do I have some videos to post. Contrary to my thoughts, my camera did not fail me. It managed to record all of what I planned to record, plus some more extra clips, which is great for both me and everybody who watches those clips. Unfortunately though, my camera can't handle USB file transfers and I don't have a card reader. I usually use a newer camera for USB file transfers but that one is currently not in Malaysia, so my SD card and the videos I recorded in them have to wait and collect dust before the newer camera comes back.

     Well then, let's get into another topic! I got some new hardware on my computer, including a second monitor, which you guys have NO IDEA how much help that would give me on editing videos. With that said, there's still stuff on my computer that's like a pile of poop. One of them is this freaking wireless mouse that ain't responding as I am typing this post. RESPOND TO MY ORDERS YOU STUPID MOUSE! (You have no idea how hard it is for me to bold that sentence with this stupid mouse.). I thought that this wireless mouse had saved me from the horrors of my old wired mouse, but nope, history has repeated itself again....

     My video card/graphic card/GPU (Graphics Processor Unit), whatever you like to call it, is still old and pretty much poop. Of course people using Intel graphic cards from the 2000's (who still uses them anyways?) could only dream of having this graphic card, but actual computer people who live in 2014 (no offence to those who aren't...) would feel the same as me if they were using my graphic card. For those who are wondering, it's the NVIDA GeForce GT 220, one of the SLOWEST graphic cards you can still currently buy in the market, with a GPU clock speed of 625 MHz. If you don't speak computer specifications, the average graphic card has a GPU clock speed of 800 MHz, and that's the lower average of the group! It's a miracle that this graphic card can still run on Windows 7...

     The brain of my computer, the CPU (Central Processor Unit) of my computer is also pretty old, but it's not as bad as my GPU. My CPU is the Intel Core i5 661, slightly above the WORST of graphic cards still in the market, so I guess it's better than my GPU. With that said, I'm pretty happy with this CPU. It has a clock speed of 3.33 GHz, which to be honest is better than most Intel i7 Cores out there. It's a great CPU if you're not doing anything that uses a lot of CPU power.

     Speaking of which, rendering videos takes A LOT of both GPU power and CPU power, which I don't really have right now. Rendering my gaming videos were no problem at all, since they were all low quality 480p videos, but you have NO IDEA how many heart attacks I had while rendering the first 801 Charity Concert video with my CPU. Since those videos were all High Definition 720p videos, a lot more power was needed to render them. The fan on the CPU just went wild and the core temperature jumped to 88°C, just at the brink of overheating my CPU. I had to keep watching the core temperature, making sure it did not go over 90°C, and every time it hits 89°C, my heart feels like it's going to explode.

     Then, a dark horse appeared. I found a setting in my video editing software which goes: "Render using CUDA". CUDA is basically a parallel computing architecture introduced by NVIDIA which allows multiple threads to be processed slowly concurrently. Don't speak computer? It processes a lot of things slowly at the same time, which decreases the power needed to process things, while still maintaining the same amount of things processed compared to processing one thing at a time quickly, which is how CPUs and GPUs used to work before CUDA was introduced. Still confused? Well here's the Wikipedia page. 

     Anyways, I was like, "Wait, didn't my GPU support CUDA?" I did some research and I found that my GPU really supported CUDA, so I tried rendering my second 801 Charity Concert video using CUDA and I was surprised. I was surprised that the fan of my CPU wasn't going crazy. I was surprised that my CPU is hardly doing any work. I was surprised that my GPU is actually rendering the video at about the same speed (maybe a little slower) as my CPU was, without overheating.

     So the moral of today's story is: Never underestimate anyone, not even someone who is still a complete poop and is the slowest person in the world. You never know if they might surprise you with their magical powers!

     To be honest though, my GPU is still poop, but a little less poopy now at least... :D
     Thanks for reading.

  • Pooping on my computer? Check.
  • Moral in the story? Check.
  • No video from the competition? Check.
  • 3 gaming videos per week? Not sure yet.
  • Mouse seriously not working? Check.
  • Can't publish this post because of the stupid moue? Check.
  • Throwing the mouse on the floor in attempt to fix it? Check.
  • Mouse fixed? Nope.
  • Changing position of the battery in the mouse? Check.
  • Mouse broken again while trying to post? Check....... Great....... JUST A FREAKING SINGLE CLICK, MOUSE! COME ON!

11 September, 2014

Plans for the future

     To start off today's post, let me get something clear, since most people that read my "Zombie Infection" post did not read the "Infection Update" post. I ONLY GOT BIT BY A BUG AND IT GOT INFECTED BECAUSE THE STUPID BUG THAT BIT ME PEE-ED ON IT TOO. (Don't ask me why, how, or when, cause I have no clue.) THAT'S ALL. IT IS NOT SHINGLES. IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!

     Well, technically if you also have a wound that's isn't sterilized and it comes into contact with my infected wound, it CAN infect, but it's highly unlikely that someone would touch my infected wound that looks like a zombie bite. Right? Yeah, let's go with that.

Anyways here's this week's gaming video:

By the way, I recently found out that most mobile readers can't actually see the embedded video right there, so I'll start putting the actual link below the video every time I post one of these from now on.

     Speaking of videos, I have a question for my gaming video viewers, so if you are not one of them, just skip this paragraph. So, currently my "schedule" for gaming videos is one random gaming video every Thursday. I have a new proposition. I might make a schedule of 2 Pokemon videos per week, and keep the "one random gaming video every Thursday" schedule. This is due to the fact that the only thing that is motivating me to play Pokemon Platinum is to record episodes. I don't want to play it without recording because that would just ruin my "first-time-playing-this" feel for the series. If I continue to just put out 1 episode per week, this game would take maybe 1-2 years to finish. I DON'T WANT THAT. So, with this new schedule, I can at minimum half the time needed for me to finish the game, and you guys can have more videos per week! So, technically it's a win-win situation, right? Well, not really, at least for me. Having to make more videos per week means that I have to spend more time doing background work. If you have read the "Art of Making Videos" post, you would know that there is A LOT of background work needed to make videos. Just uploading a 20 minute 480p video takes 120 MINUTES (2 HOURS! Just in case you are bad at maths.), all thanks to my useless Internet speed. I'm kinda in a "to do or not to do" situation here, but of course, you guys have the priority over my decisions simply because you guys actually watch my videos, so if you guys think that 3 videos per week is good, then I'll definitely do it. Please comment below or contact me in any way to give me your thoughts on this matter.

     Coming back to my other readers, I have some plans for the near future on Real-Life Videos, since most of my readers prefer that more than my gaming ones. I'm going to a competition (not going to say when...) and of course I'm going to bring my camera to record anything interesting. If you are wondering, yes, it is the stupid camera with the stupid battery that is just plain stupid and can't record stupid videos for more than just a stupid hour. Have I wrote stupid enough times yet? Probably. Anyways, look forward to that. I'll be posting them as soon as I can edit, render, upload and write a post about it.

I've ran out of bullet puns. Got any ideas feel free to tell me privately and I'll credit you for it!
  • Spacing in front of paragraphs. I've had some people complain about that so, there you go obsessive compulsive disorder patients.
  • Thinking of maybe doing 3 gaming videos per week. Please give comments on what you guys think.
  • Did not read the gaming video paragraph? Well congratulations, you just did by reading the previous bullet.
  • Feeling angry/sad/anxious/happy/feeling-less after reading the previous bullet? Congratulations. YOU ARE HUMAN!
  • You should stop reading these bullets now since I got nothing but meaning-less stuff left.
  • What I say? I said stop reading and you are still reading!

06 September, 2014

Infection Update (Mini Post)

Remember when I said I was bit by a zombie and got infected? Apparently I was kinda correct on that, so....RUN EVERYBODY! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

With that aside, let's talk about the truth. Yes, I was bit, but not by a zombie. I was bit by a bug and that wound that I never really noticed got infected by the bug's urine(that is just gross...). The end.

Apparently if I did not see a doctor soon, that infection would have spread around my whole arm and I had to get my arm chopped off, so yeah. Good thing I went to see a doctor huh?

Anyways that's the end of this mini post. Just a little update of my infected arm.

04 September, 2014

Zombie Infection

{This image is not for the weak-hearted. You have been warned.}

Zombie bite... Or not...
{Here's a description of the image. It's the image of a rash/blister on my arm. DO NOT TRY TO IMAGINE IT IF YOU DID NOT PRESS THE SHOW BUTTON.}

I'm sorry to tell you all this, but this may be my last blog post, ever. I've been bitten by a strange man who keeps on saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and I think that I have a flu. All the signs of a zombie apocalypse is here. STOCKPILE YOUR FOOD! PREPARE WEAPONS! FORTIFY YOUR HOUSE! RUN IF YOU HAVE TO! GET READY BEFORE I KILL US ALL!!!!!

I'm just joking. I don't even have a cold, not to mention a flu. I just have a few rashes and blisters on my arm that seems to be spreading larger day by day. But come on, doesn't that look like a zombie bite? No? Okay. Anyways I think it might be Herpes zoster (or commonly known as shingles. Wikipedia page right here) which apparently IS contagious (which is opposite of what my parents told me), so anyone that had contact with me earlier today and had never have the chicken pox disease, I suggest you stay alert and go to a doctor if rashes and blisters occur. On the bright side, at least you won't get the chicken pox disease when you get older. (For those who don't know, chicken pox diseases strike a lot harder when a person is older.)

Of course, all that isn't confirmed by a professional yet. I'll have to go see a doctor to get an actual report of what the heck is on my arm. But for now, let's just be safe and go see a doctor if you have rashes/blisters.

Anyways, let's get to the main point of this blog post. [Wait, that's not even the main point yet?] Of course it's not the main point. [But the title is "Zombie Infection" and you just wrote 4 paragraphs on that! How can that not be the main point?] Well that's just a cover-up for this post. Now shut up and continue reading. [All right...] I said shut up! [Okay, okay, shutting up.] ...... [......] Where was I? Oh right. The main point.

Just a new gaming video on my new gaming series I promised to do. Here you go:

This video is unlisted because of the probability of my channel being taken down due to Nintendo not liking people giving them free advertisement. Therefore, you should consider yourself lucky if you see this video. [I don't. Your video sucks.] Didn't I tell you to shut up? Don't make me delete every bracket-speech-bubble of yours you damn guy. Sorry about that, moving on...

I'm so sorry for the audio quality and the green bar on the right border of the video. It's the first time I'm using this particular recording software since FRAPS can't recognise (recognize? Someone please tell me.) my Nintendo DS emulator. Speaking of which, I'm sorry Nintendo for using an emulator to play your game. Please spare me from the copyright claims...

Well, that's about it. You can stop reading now. Thanks for the time you wasted reading this.
Just kidding. You probably learnt some new English words reading this plus the words you learnt from the Wikipedia page, so technically you are not wasting your time.

The zombie apocalypse is here. Shoot some bullets:
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