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14 September, 2014

Computer Talk

     I'm finally back from the competition I mentioned last post, and boy, do I have some videos to post. Contrary to my thoughts, my camera did not fail me. It managed to record all of what I planned to record, plus some more extra clips, which is great for both me and everybody who watches those clips. Unfortunately though, my camera can't handle USB file transfers and I don't have a card reader. I usually use a newer camera for USB file transfers but that one is currently not in Malaysia, so my SD card and the videos I recorded in them have to wait and collect dust before the newer camera comes back.

     Well then, let's get into another topic! I got some new hardware on my computer, including a second monitor, which you guys have NO IDEA how much help that would give me on editing videos. With that said, there's still stuff on my computer that's like a pile of poop. One of them is this freaking wireless mouse that ain't responding as I am typing this post. RESPOND TO MY ORDERS YOU STUPID MOUSE! (You have no idea how hard it is for me to bold that sentence with this stupid mouse.). I thought that this wireless mouse had saved me from the horrors of my old wired mouse, but nope, history has repeated itself again....

     My video card/graphic card/GPU (Graphics Processor Unit), whatever you like to call it, is still old and pretty much poop. Of course people using Intel graphic cards from the 2000's (who still uses them anyways?) could only dream of having this graphic card, but actual computer people who live in 2014 (no offence to those who aren't...) would feel the same as me if they were using my graphic card. For those who are wondering, it's the NVIDA GeForce GT 220, one of the SLOWEST graphic cards you can still currently buy in the market, with a GPU clock speed of 625 MHz. If you don't speak computer specifications, the average graphic card has a GPU clock speed of 800 MHz, and that's the lower average of the group! It's a miracle that this graphic card can still run on Windows 7...

     The brain of my computer, the CPU (Central Processor Unit) of my computer is also pretty old, but it's not as bad as my GPU. My CPU is the Intel Core i5 661, slightly above the WORST of graphic cards still in the market, so I guess it's better than my GPU. With that said, I'm pretty happy with this CPU. It has a clock speed of 3.33 GHz, which to be honest is better than most Intel i7 Cores out there. It's a great CPU if you're not doing anything that uses a lot of CPU power.

     Speaking of which, rendering videos takes A LOT of both GPU power and CPU power, which I don't really have right now. Rendering my gaming videos were no problem at all, since they were all low quality 480p videos, but you have NO IDEA how many heart attacks I had while rendering the first 801 Charity Concert video with my CPU. Since those videos were all High Definition 720p videos, a lot more power was needed to render them. The fan on the CPU just went wild and the core temperature jumped to 88°C, just at the brink of overheating my CPU. I had to keep watching the core temperature, making sure it did not go over 90°C, and every time it hits 89°C, my heart feels like it's going to explode.

     Then, a dark horse appeared. I found a setting in my video editing software which goes: "Render using CUDA". CUDA is basically a parallel computing architecture introduced by NVIDIA which allows multiple threads to be processed slowly concurrently. Don't speak computer? It processes a lot of things slowly at the same time, which decreases the power needed to process things, while still maintaining the same amount of things processed compared to processing one thing at a time quickly, which is how CPUs and GPUs used to work before CUDA was introduced. Still confused? Well here's the Wikipedia page. 

     Anyways, I was like, "Wait, didn't my GPU support CUDA?" I did some research and I found that my GPU really supported CUDA, so I tried rendering my second 801 Charity Concert video using CUDA and I was surprised. I was surprised that the fan of my CPU wasn't going crazy. I was surprised that my CPU is hardly doing any work. I was surprised that my GPU is actually rendering the video at about the same speed (maybe a little slower) as my CPU was, without overheating.

     So the moral of today's story is: Never underestimate anyone, not even someone who is still a complete poop and is the slowest person in the world. You never know if they might surprise you with their magical powers!

     To be honest though, my GPU is still poop, but a little less poopy now at least... :D
     Thanks for reading.

  • Pooping on my computer? Check.
  • Moral in the story? Check.
  • No video from the competition? Check.
  • 3 gaming videos per week? Not sure yet.
  • Mouse seriously not working? Check.
  • Can't publish this post because of the stupid moue? Check.
  • Throwing the mouse on the floor in attempt to fix it? Check.
  • Mouse fixed? Nope.
  • Changing position of the battery in the mouse? Check.
  • Mouse broken again while trying to post? Check....... Great....... JUST A FREAKING SINGLE CLICK, MOUSE! COME ON!

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