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21 September, 2014

Contract Scam

     So, great news everybody! My microphone on my headset broke, so my gaming videos would be on a pause until I find a way to fix it or I buy a new mic. Now it can finally be on my great List Of Broken Electronic S***! Damn... And I was just trying to record some Pokemon Platinum when this thing wanted to break on me.

     Of course, that doesn't stop me from uploading more real-life videos! No mic required. So, here's a new one plus one that I was too lazy to post in a blog post.

Taerobics - I Love You/Hotboy (13-15 Y/O Kedah (T.#2)) - 2014 Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo Championship*

Taerobics - Marjaani Marjaani Kasame (13-15 Y/O Team #1) - 2014 Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo Championship*

     With the videos aside, let's talk about something that, surprisingly, gave me an emotional roller-coaster, even though it had nothing to do with me. So, everyone knows what a contract is, right? What everyone doesn't know is that MOST PEOPLE DOES NOT READ WHAT IS WRITTEN ON IT. Why am I so upset? I don't even know. I just got frustrated when I read a contract, or should I say "agreement", that just seem's so suspicious and just downright WRONG.

     So, there's an award ceremony that's going to happen in our school, and only students who are selected are allowed to attend that award ceremony. Those who are selected are given a piece of paper with hell lots of Malay words and spaces for people to sign in. The title of the paper is something like "Under-Aged Model Agreement" or something. Nothing wrong right? READ THE WORDS ON THE PAPER! Let me explain what makes that "agreement" so suspicious and is making me crazy every time I think about it.

     In my understanding, there is no need for a witness to sign that agreement unless a lawyer is involved. I can be wrong about that though, since I'm no lawyer or anything. But, if a lawyer REALLY is involved, then people really need to READ THE TEXT before they get cheated and have no power to fight back, cause what is written on it is just wrong and feels like it's invading our human rights, and that's what my second point is about.

I'll try my best to translate it from Malay and from the back of my head.
     Quote #1: "The pictures or videos taken can be used in any form for including but not limited to advertisement purposes." That basically just states that the company can use pictures/videos of you IN ANY WAY IT WANTS.
     Quote #2: "I agree that I will not lodge any complaints/lawsuits to XXX Company if I find that there are problems with the pictures/videos OR if the pictures/videos are damaged OR if the pictures/videos are modified in any way." Seriously man? Don't tell me that you guys reading this are still not convinced that this feels wrong. I mean, it's basically stating that they can modify your photos however they want!
     Quote #3: "All photos/videos, whether in the form of digital copies, negatives, films or those equivalent are full property of XXX Company" Do I really have to define that sentence for you? You basically do not have the right to blame them for anything since it's their property.

     After just those 2 points, do I need to explain myself on why I fell that the agreement was suspicious? Actually, I have really have no idea why I am so mad and frustrated about that contract scam. To be honest, I have nothing to do with it, so I myself am confused on why I'm riding this emotional roller-coaster. It's like I have a grudge with that piece of paper on my past life. Anyways thank you guys for reading this, your support is always appreciated, especially if you actually read the ENTIRE POST.

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