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11 September, 2014

Plans for the future

     To start off today's post, let me get something clear, since most people that read my "Zombie Infection" post did not read the "Infection Update" post. I ONLY GOT BIT BY A BUG AND IT GOT INFECTED BECAUSE THE STUPID BUG THAT BIT ME PEE-ED ON IT TOO. (Don't ask me why, how, or when, cause I have no clue.) THAT'S ALL. IT IS NOT SHINGLES. IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!

     Well, technically if you also have a wound that's isn't sterilized and it comes into contact with my infected wound, it CAN infect, but it's highly unlikely that someone would touch my infected wound that looks like a zombie bite. Right? Yeah, let's go with that.

Anyways here's this week's gaming video:

By the way, I recently found out that most mobile readers can't actually see the embedded video right there, so I'll start putting the actual link below the video every time I post one of these from now on.

     Speaking of videos, I have a question for my gaming video viewers, so if you are not one of them, just skip this paragraph. So, currently my "schedule" for gaming videos is one random gaming video every Thursday. I have a new proposition. I might make a schedule of 2 Pokemon videos per week, and keep the "one random gaming video every Thursday" schedule. This is due to the fact that the only thing that is motivating me to play Pokemon Platinum is to record episodes. I don't want to play it without recording because that would just ruin my "first-time-playing-this" feel for the series. If I continue to just put out 1 episode per week, this game would take maybe 1-2 years to finish. I DON'T WANT THAT. So, with this new schedule, I can at minimum half the time needed for me to finish the game, and you guys can have more videos per week! So, technically it's a win-win situation, right? Well, not really, at least for me. Having to make more videos per week means that I have to spend more time doing background work. If you have read the "Art of Making Videos" post, you would know that there is A LOT of background work needed to make videos. Just uploading a 20 minute 480p video takes 120 MINUTES (2 HOURS! Just in case you are bad at maths.), all thanks to my useless Internet speed. I'm kinda in a "to do or not to do" situation here, but of course, you guys have the priority over my decisions simply because you guys actually watch my videos, so if you guys think that 3 videos per week is good, then I'll definitely do it. Please comment below or contact me in any way to give me your thoughts on this matter.

     Coming back to my other readers, I have some plans for the near future on Real-Life Videos, since most of my readers prefer that more than my gaming ones. I'm going to a competition (not going to say when...) and of course I'm going to bring my camera to record anything interesting. If you are wondering, yes, it is the stupid camera with the stupid battery that is just plain stupid and can't record stupid videos for more than just a stupid hour. Have I wrote stupid enough times yet? Probably. Anyways, look forward to that. I'll be posting them as soon as I can edit, render, upload and write a post about it.

I've ran out of bullet puns. Got any ideas feel free to tell me privately and I'll credit you for it!
  • Spacing in front of paragraphs. I've had some people complain about that so, there you go obsessive compulsive disorder patients.
  • Thinking of maybe doing 3 gaming videos per week. Please give comments on what you guys think.
  • Did not read the gaming video paragraph? Well congratulations, you just did by reading the previous bullet.
  • Feeling angry/sad/anxious/happy/feeling-less after reading the previous bullet? Congratulations. YOU ARE HUMAN!
  • You should stop reading these bullets now since I got nothing but meaning-less stuff left.
  • What I say? I said stop reading and you are still reading!

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