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16 September, 2014

Remembering... [2014 MDK Taekwondo Championship Video #1]

     Remember when I said my wireless mouse was not responding on the last post? Well now, it really isn't freaking working. I have to downgrade to my old wired mouse which has a broken left mouse button. This stupid thing works well at one time, thinks I'm double clicking when I'm trying to single click, and sometimes it just doesn't work AT ALL. Well, at least only the mouse button is broken and not THE WHOLE ENTIRE STUPID MOUSE! I really need to invest some money on buying some better equipment man...

     Remember when I said my stupid camera could not handle USB file transfers? Well I was wrong about that. But, I could have sworn that I could not transfer files through USB before, but who cares? Now I can, so here's the first video of the competition I went to:

Click me if you are a mobile user and you can't see what the heck is under me.

     Remember when my real-life videos were just plain videos? Well if you had watched this one, you would have noticed I added extra stuff into it, just because I have too little things to do in my life right now... To be honest, I think an intro and an outro (is that even a word? I don't know) is a little overkill for a real-life video, but hey, since I've created it, why not use it?

     Remember when I was worried about copyright issues on my real-life videos? Well now I have some more videos to worry about, 9 to be exact. Hopefully none of them would ruin my channel's "Good Standing", or result in the video being blocked in Malaysia. If the videos are blocked in any country other than Malaysia, then I don't really care. :D Oh, and if you are wondering, the music I used for the intro and outro is "royalty-free". It (should not) get copyright claimed as long as I credit the owner of the song and provide its license info, so here is some advertisement:
The song used is "Five Armies" by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

     Remember when I used to apologize on my 801 Charity Concert videos? Well here's some more apologizing. I'm soooooo sorry for the echoes of the music in this and future videos. I recorded these videos somewhat above the speakers and with the way the stadium is built, it's basically an echo chamber. Physics! Sometimes you are fascinating, sometimes you are just getting in the way. Anyway I did what is possible (in my knowledge of audio editing) to reduce the echoes, but there is almost NO WAY to reduce the echo completely, so don't blame me, blame physics.

     Remember when I ran out of bullet puns? I still am. I think that I may have repeated one on the last post...

  • Maybe I repeated that pun again... Who knows? I have a bad memory due to the way my brain keeps talking to itself.
  • Remember the Pokemon series I had and I was wondering if I want to do 3 videos per week? Well I'm still wondering...
  • I don't really have anything else to bullet here...
  • Well, thanks for reading and watching, I guess...

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