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18 November, 2014


     A friendly note: This blog post is mostly about my YouTube channel. This is just a little reminder for you guys just in case you don't like posts like this. If so, then you can just leave without wasting your precious time reading this. Why am I doing this? Well, some people are really vocal about their complaints and really hate this kind of posts, giving comments like "You are wasting my time here!" and "Really? Another post about your stupid YouTube channel?" and "Go **** yourself with your ******* YouTube channel!" I appreciate the feedback you are giving me, but if you really don't like posts like this, there is an option in your brain called "ignore", so you might want to consider using that option before reading this. Yes, I am talking to you, guy with nothing but negative comments about what other people do.

     Now that that's done, here's a video:
Pokemon Platinum w/ Rubin: Part 4 - RIP

     This one is a bit of a sad one as I'm officially discontinuing a series of mine. You don't see me doing this very often as I usually just leave a series behind if I want to discontinue it, so you just have to deal with this video. I'm not gonna get to much detail here on this blog post, so you might as well watch the video if you want explanations.

     In short, I'm not really interested enough in the game to continue doing a series on it. Regular Pokemon games also don't have much difficulty in it, plus the lack of a decent story-line, both of which makes me feel like it's not going to be entertaining for the people watching.

     A point that I did not explain in the video is that I haven't played the game before, and I don't want to ruin the fun of it by playing the game without recording. The problem with this is that I can't find that much time to do recording sessions, and it really bugs me that I have a game in my computer that I find interesting, yet I can't play it. Other than that, I don't get motivated as much from my other series as no one really watches this one. I know at least 3 people who continually watches my Ender Mission series. There's literally 0 views on my last episode of Pokemon Platinum.

     I am, however, planning a new Pokemon series for my channel to compensate for this loss. I've done a single recording session on it, and I'm very excited on how far it can go on my YouTube channel. I will try to be entertaining on that series and make sure that you guys are having as much fun as I am. Hopefully it doesn't go down like my current Pokemon series.

     I don't want to describe it too much, but I'll give you guys a few hints. It's my favourite Pokemon game so far. I haven't played a lot of Pokemon games, so that might change in the future. It also has a VERY HIGH difficulty to it, which should make it also VERY interesting and hopefully entertaining for you guys to enjoy. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to be updated on when that would come out! You can just scroll up the page and press that red "Subscribe" button! What? You're reading this on a phone? Then just manually go to my YouTube channel!

     Anyway, I'm gonna stop the teasing and self-advertising there. Thanks for reading this blog post. If you read till this line, you are totally awesome.

Shoot your seeds like bullets! Why do I feel like I've used this joke already?:
  • I just noticed that there is an "Insert a video" option, which can directly fetch your YouTube channel videos and embed it on a blog post. It is, however, very badly coded and I shall never use it again until Google fix it.
  • Fix your code Google!
  • By the way, Google, you should have a more customizable font size for posts! Put that on your to-do list!
  • Changed the "About Me" section a bit.
  • Passing the negativity that was passed to me to my fellow readers. It's like emotions are a type of energy! That's an idea I got in my brain for a while now and I might explain on my "Emotions are Energy" theory on a future blog post!
  • See? My world doesn't just revolve around my YouTube channel! Yeah, I'm talking to you negative-thinking guy!

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