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10 November, 2014

Short Term Memory Loss

     Woops.... Misclicked the "Publish" button way too early. Sorry one guy who saw this post when it was still incomplete...

     So..... Um... Here's a video I should've posted like a month ago..... Video 7 of 6 (wow...) of the 2014 MDK Taekwondo Championships...

     And of course, here's a gaming video to go along with it! It's Part 3 of my Pokemon Platinum Gameplay.

     So, yeah. I do apologize for the late video. It completely vanished from my brain until I saw it in my video archives. Phew... Now I'm glad that I actually keep all my videos in a hard drive.

     To be honest though, I do think that I might have Short Term Memory Loss. I can rarely remember something that happened recently unless I really take the effort to memorize it and store it in my brain. Usually I just keep a note on my phone about all the important things I need to know about, since I don't trust my brain really. However sometimes I just forget to look at my phone (Wow that's a whole loop on the memory loss...), which makes it sort of redundant...

     I do, however, remember things that happen a LONG time ago, which is why I think that I have STML. Weird really. I feel old now. Like a person with Alzheimer's disease... Just another thing to add to my "The World Hates Me" list...

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