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04 November, 2014


     Minecraft: Ender Mission is back! Hopefully for a little while before December... Here's the latest episode!

Minecraft: Ender Mission E18: Ender Killer

     Anyway (anyways?), since I have nothing much of a story to tell, let's talk about my Youtube Channel. It's November, which means SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! And that means a lot more time for me to record, edit, render and put out my YouTube videos! MORE VIDEOS FOR EVERYONE!!

     I'll probably keep on going with Minecraft: Ender Mission, hopefully get more stuff done over there. I'm also hoping I can finally finish Pokemon Platinum Version, so that I can get into Generation 5. There's also going to be a Taekwondo competition coming up soon which I'm participating in, which renders me unable to record any videos, but FEAR NOT! I have a buddy who said he would help me record those videos, so more videos for the people who are not interested in gaming videos!

     However, there IS a problem in this. I have a very tight schedule on December. And when I said tight, I mean REALLY TIGHT, as in no room to breathe and think about anything else tight. So, if I get enough time, I'll pre-record some stuff in November, upload all of those, and put out videos when I get an Internet connection.

     There is a way in YouTube to schedule videos, but that goes into the world of YouTube Partners and video monetization, where I don't really want to get involved in. Don't know what YouTube Partners and monetization means? Well, it's basically a way for YouTubers (like your's truly) to earn money by displaying ads with their videos. See an ad in front of a YouTube video that let's you skip it after 5 seconds? Yeah, that's monetization for ya.

     I don't really like to put ads in my videos, heck I disabled ads on my videos on my channel by default. I always feel frustrated and bored when I see an ad in front of my favourite videos, so I don't want you guys to feel the same way. Plus, I don't really need the money, and how much money is 29 subscribers gonna give me? That's like RM0.25 (0.08 USD) per video... Not worth it at the moment.

     So, yeah...... Awkward ending to this blog post..... I really need to work on my blog ending skills. Heck I need to work on my "ending" skills, as I also feel awkward sometimes ending my videos too...


  • Special thanks to subscribers #26, #27, #28 and #29. Your support is much appreciated as always. Shout-out to my great friend "LYF", who is one of those subscribers. :)
  • Anyone excited about Hoenn? I know I am. :D
  • I actually put something on my Secret page now!
  • "Secret Page" turned into "Secret Straw Poll"

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