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31 January, 2016

Starting Off (Week 1)

      Huh, time sure flies doesn’t it? One day you are writing a blog post about starting university life and another day, one week has passed where you still haven’t completed that blog post AND you have already finished one week of your university life. Wow, ladies and gentlemen that is why procrastination must be avoided. In my defence, I wasn’t 100% procrastinating (saying that I wasn’t procrastinating at all would be a lie), I was busy packing and moving and unpacking my stuff to my new home away from home.

      Speaking of which, the place is great, and for good reasons. First of all, it’s cheaper. I’m not gonna just say it out loud how cheap it is, but it’s definitely cheaper than what the university was offering at the same place. Even though the rent excludes utility bills, gas and internet fees, I’m still getting a lot of value out of it. The room is fully furnished with a bed frame (mattresses, pillows etc. has to be brought for hygienic purposes), a wardrobe, a table and a chair. There’s also an A/C, windows and a fan, whichever ventilation I choose depending on the time and/or hotness. BUT THERE’S MORE! There’s also a bathroom/toilet (I know people will argue about this, so I’ll just put both), kitchen with a stove and a washing machine for all the tenants of the apartment to use. Adding the utility bills etc. (which is divided equally between tenants) and the RM30 shuttle bus pass per month to APU, worst case scenario I probably only need to pay an additional RM100 in the rent, which is STILL cheaper than the accommodation APU offered in the same place. Now that’s some value if I’ve ever seen one.

      This week was mostly just an orientation week. Heck, “mostly” is an understatement. It’s COMPLETELY an orientation week. I went to APU at the first day thinking it’s just a 1 day orientation thing, but nope, there’s a whole 4 day lecture/briefing programme ranging from Code of Conduct to Library Briefing to Co-Curriculum Briefing to an English Diagnostic Test. Yes, there was a test on my 2nd day of university life. It’s not going to be graded or something, but I guess it’s for the university staff to get a feel for our English skills. How did I do? Well, I’ve not done a lot in English for a few months since SPM, so you can say that my English is rusty. There’s also a Mathematics Diagnostics Test for Engineering Students, which I was interested to just attend and do it for fun, but sadly I forgot to bring a calculator that day… I had mixed feelings for the lectures/briefings, some were fun and engaging, some were boring and dull.

      Icebreaking session? I hear someone ask about an icebreaking session? Congratulations, here’s a non-existent sweet for the person in front of the screen. For some reason, they decided to put the icebreaking session on the last day instead of the first, which was weird since the point of the icebreaking session was to know each other and make friends during the orientation. Nevertheless, the icebreaking session was interesting. About 100-200 of us new Foundation and Diploma students of that intake was broken into 3 groups and were asked to come up with a team name and a battle cry of some sort (one of the student representatives even joked, or maybe not, that for those taking Engineering, it REALLY is going to be a battle). After 5 years of listening to the 24 Festive Drums team practicing in secondary school, the semi-annoying and fully-deafening drum rhythms finally came into use. I asked if anyone in our group knew about the 24 Festive Drums and nobody answered even though there’s A LOT of local Chinese students in our group. Either they are shy or it’s just my school that has that, we might never know. Anyway, I proposed to use a basic rhythm often practiced by the 24 Festive Drums team (which was practiced so many times that it is stuck in my head even though I’m not part of them) in our battle cry, which at least made us not be the worse group there. By the way, the worse group had to eat (I repeat, EAT) salt. Not just a pinch, a HANDFUL. Well, the close-to-eardrum-popping practice sessions that made it impossible to hear anything the friend beside you is saying has saved me from having high blood pressure. Hoorah for that!

      Well then, my legs are starting to get sore from writing this post on my lap while on the bus home, so I guess that’s a good time as ever to stop writing. There’s just another 6+ hours I need to sleep away, which hopefully my legs won’t get paralysed while I’m at it. Next week the actual classes are starting, so “Yay”??? After that it’s the Chinese New Year break, so “Yay”!!!

Pew Pew Pew:
  • "XXX wants to go to college ~”; “XXX wants to enjoy college life ~” NYAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
  • Make a reference to Fly FM’s Krappi Call set by me, check.
  • To those who knows what I’m referencing, good for you, here’s another non-existent sweet for you.
  • Where the hell did 50 subscribers come from? I haven’t posted a video for like a year!
  • Still on the fence on making gaming videos with this laptop. Laptop lags a bit when playing some of the new games I acquired on the last Steam Sale. The continuation of the Expert Emerald Nuzlocke series is PLAUSIBLE, although my save state is gone so I’m gonna have to restart. Don’t take my word for it though.

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