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06 May, 2016

Random post I started at 5:07am and ended at 6:15am (Week >1)

5:07 a.m.... Finally finished one of my assignments... Should I sleep? Nah. Those 2 cups of coffee that I drank (What, 6 hours ago?) are still holding strong. What should I do now? Class starts today at 8:30 a.m., I have to catch the shuttle bus as 8:00 a.m., one hour to shower and eat breakfast and everything, that means I have almost 2 whole hours for whatever I want to do. Games? Nah. Social Media? I don't do social media. Post a blog you ignored for who knows how many weeks? I think my answer is pretty obvious here since you ARE looking at this right now.

            I don’t really have a topic now. This is basically free writing now. Just that I don’t have a lecturer correcting my mistakes. So things like asbafbaehvabhabvabkvakgvaf are gonna be okay. How has everyone been? I’m sure probabaly (I’m not gonna correct that.) all the people who used to read my blog (all 5 people?) have forgotten that this blog exists, not to mention my presumably dead YouTube channel. Of course there’s probably also people seeing my blog for the first time and say, “Wait, you write blogs?”. And I’ll probably say, “It’s nothing, just somewhere I write random things about.” Why am I still continuing to post blog posts then? Cause I have a lot of random things to write about. For example, I wrote both these 2 paragraphs with no idea what to write about in 10 minutes. Like I said, random.

            So, what have I been up to these few (few?) weeks? Well, going to lectures and classes. Not really studying for exams. Not really finishing assignments till 1-2 weeks before submission date. Creating a civilisation “game” with Python. Minecraft. Skyrim. Typical university / college student life in my opinion. Hey, I finally got ideas for this post! Let’s talk about all those things I listed out within this paragraph.

            Studying? Well, there’s still almost a month till this semester’s exams, so there’s still a looooooong time. I’m so gonna regret this. I do this during secondary school as well. I don’t really study till the week before the exams. The earliest I studied for an exam during secondary school was like 2/3 weeks before the exams, and that was for my SPM! I know this really isn’t the way to study, and people keep saying that “you’re gonna suck at the exams”, but to be honest, I didn’t. Of course I didn’t get straight A+s for every subject, but I wasn’t aiming for that, and I actually got a pretty good grade. Plus, I think the only reason why my way of studying worked is really the format of SPM exams. I’m not gonna go deep into what’s really wrong with the format because I probably am gonna get into trouble. I don’t want to get into jail for something I wrote impromptu! At least let me do my research before I write a post on that topic! Jokes aside, I should probably start studying for the coming exams. I’ve never sit on an exam here yet (the graded test for Mathematics doesn’t really count as an exam), so I don’t know what to expect in the exam hall. Hopefully I study though. I am writing that with the doubt that I would.

            Assignments. I finished 2 now? I forgot how many there were. The first one was a pair work to present an idea/concept/product with the shape of a U. Being gamers, the first thing that popped into our minds were VR glasses. Wireless VR glasses. Wireless VR plus AR glasses. Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC because an operating system is expensive and bulky. Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC but doesn’t use WiFi or Bluetooth since they both suck (as in not good enough for our purposes. I don’t mean they are bad. Just situationally bad). Wireless VR plus AR glasses that connects to a PC using a wireless technology used since the 80s, researched for data transmission since the 2000s but official archives of the researched can’t be found. You can kinda get the idea of our product and how it evolved. No? I’ll probably talk more about the mysterious wireless tech in another post. I’m in my second page of MS Word already. The one I finished just now was an MSO suite assignment. Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, all in one assignment. That’s probably why we had like 10 weeks to finish that assignment. That’s also probably why I just finished it just now. By the way the submission date is actually today. So hurray for last minute assignment completion!

            Civilisation “game” in Python. Python 3.5 actually. Not really a game yet, hence the quotes. They try to survive against the power of pseudo-randomness. No AI or anything like that. Just randomness. “Day 1 – 20 people dies of mysterious causes. Civilisation died off.” Yes, that technically can happen. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. I have plans for player input, either text or an actual UI, but that just kills the fun of watching non-existent “people” dying off. At least for me. I’ll try. Maybe I can venture into understanding classes in Python and using pygame. Maybe. Who knows. One thing is for sure, I’m like addicted to keep on adding to the code now, even when I don’t really have anything productive to add. I’m currently fixing grammar errors, of all f***ing things. “1 people found food” Add 5 more lines of code to check if it’s 1 person or more than 1, then output “person” rather than “people” if it’s 1, cause reasons.

            Minecraft. I’ve not been playing it for a loooooooong time, basically because of SPM. Tried 1.9. Mobs are hard. Not being able to spam hit is hard. New skeleton AI is hard. Haven’t gone into the new End yet. That’s basically it.

            Skyrim. Now I regret that I have never played it sooner. THAT GAME IS AMAZING. AND IT’S LIKE 4 YEARS OLD NOW. AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY OF THE DLCS YET! AND I’M PLAYING WITH THE CONTROLLER! Yes, I’m getting fanboy-ish on Skyrim. Now I know why people who played it love it so much. Everything is so great. Even the mods are great. Except the detection AI. Bethesda, you perfected so many details, you can’t perfect the detection AI? That’s the main reason Sneak is OP as hell. But hey, my favourite character IS a sneaky one.

            Add in 20 minutes of random browsing, hey look at the time! 6:15 a.m.! Go to sleep, Rubin. Go to sleep for 30 minutes then wake up for class.