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14 June, 2016

I'm a German kitchen solutions company!

So, umm… This is awkward… So, backstory time. I was just Googling my online name (for no reason) and the first result that popped out was this. And then of course my YouTube page, SoundCloud profile and all that. But a kitchen company?! At least this is better than being named after a sink (Rubine, if you guys are wondering).

            Anyway, it’s 12:39 AM, haven’t slept yet. I’m working on some stuff and got tired from it so I decided to just play around my laptop, which brought me from viewing the Steam catalogue, to arranging my Steam wish list, to finding the Windows’s Sticky Notes save location, to rearranging my Start Menu tiles (10, not 8), to changing some Blogger stuff, to playing around the advanced settings for my Blog, to searching for my online username, to writing this post. That’s… Too much information… I apologize.

            Anyhow, just an update of my college life. I survived the first semester, with no semester break whatsoever, and now I just gone through the first week of semester 2. Still 3 years with 3 semesters plus 2 semesters for Foundation left. How long is that? [(3 * 3) + 2] semesters. There’s less modules for this semester, so I hope it will be more relaxing than the last, even though it wasn’t that stressful, I mean it’s only Foundation, it’s not supposed to be stressful if you do what you’re supposed to do. For degree level, that’s a different story I’m sure. Of course, I have no experience on this topic, ask the seniors and lecturers. They should know.

            What have I done around my blog? Hmmm… I changed the “About Me” section, and added a link to my Steam wish list on the Pages header. I’ll be a happy Rubin if you gift me any of those J. The ranking really is just arbitrary except for the first few, but overall what I really wish for will be around the top and the bottom is just games I was lazy to rank. Of course, access to my Steam wish list means access to my profile, so if you want to stalk what games I’m playing, feel free. To ease some people’s curiosities, the game which has my longest playtime on record is Skyrim, followed by The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (with the Afterbirth expansion). How did I get so many hours on Skyrim I have no idea, I must have left the game on overnight or something. I don’t know actually.

            So, I think I side-tracked enough from my original project. I should get back to it now, since I have a hard deadline for it. Byeeeeee.

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