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Minecraft: Ender Mission

Ender Mission is my Let's Play series where I play Minecraft and try to do challenges or missions.  The challenges are either set by myself or the viewers. If you wish to suggest a challenge, just leave a comment about it in the latest episode. A complete list of episodes can be found in the latest episode.

Latest Episode:
Episode 18: Ender Killer

Episode 17: Insanity Caving

Episode 16: World Tour

Episode 15: Zombie Chicken!

Episode 14: Therapeutic Mining

Episode 13: Fixing and Improving Stuff

Episode 12: Flying Pigs and Exploding Creepers

Episode 11: Cats!

Episode 10: AMS Time!

Episode 9: I am Tired!

Episode 8: A Second Chance

Episode 7: HOLY MESA!

Episode 6: Semi-Automatic Farms

Episode 5: House-Building and Exploration!

Episode 4: Random Footage and The Nether

Episode 3: Farming

Episode 2: Mining and Fooling Around

Episode 1: Basically My First Day

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